Primal Power 1: The Unripe Apple (Paperback)
Primal Power 1: The Unripe Apple (Paperback)

Primal Power 1: The Unripe Apple (Paperback)

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Available January 2022.

By author, Linn Frances.

Not wanting to get stepped on or eaten the courageous traveller begins a risky trek into the unknown. With only life experiences to depend on, this magical epic adventure triggers the realism of her past. This enlightened novel is sprinkled with personal growth tools as the gifts from her traumas are unwrapped.

Imagine the wall is moving. There's a woman levitating the sun and the moon. You have entered a strange new magical dimension and you are the size of a mouse. Visualize not knowing where you are? How you got there? That is just the beginning to this unexpected journey of self discovery in a completely unfamiliar realm.

Primal Power - The Unripe Apple is definitely an intriguing tale that maintains a momentum. You can see the wise souls of the intricate personalities or simply read it as an awesome adventure.

The protagonist questions if this new magical dimension is part of Earth, another world, or the afterlife while having to rely on help from animals, strangers and spirit guides. This is an impressive odyssey of survival, discovery, friendships, and trust. It is an exciting adventure that is continually evolving with new situations unfolding at each and every turn.

Pursuing happiness, enlightenment, and spiritual protection she finds portals, animated trees, creepyworms, and a land of illusion. She bonds with stunning interesting characters. There are giant otters, lightworkers, dangerous situations and much, much more.

You become emotionally involved in this heartfelt story. With bits of wisdom interwoven it's a thought-provoking fantasy fiction that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next!

This spirit quest fantasy series is an incredible journey that brings forth a different perspective. It will stir your emotions, keep you intrigued, and stimulate your mind.

It truly is a uniquely enlightened story of obscure self-discovery for both teenagers and adults. It keeps you engaged with dangerous situations and interesting characters. There's love! There's respect. There's kindness. There's turmoil, seasoned with some tools to overcome the hardships. An epic fantasy that brings realism of real life experiences into a fictional narrative.

Primal Power - The Unripe Apple is book 1 in the Primal Power - spirit quest fantasy series. It is a diverse adventure novel that is easy to read! It flows! It pulls you in and helps you find a higher awareness. This exhilarating story creates a mystical movie within your mind!

Are you thinking about reading a book for yourself or giving one as a gift and having a hard time deciding? Do you want fantasy, self-awareness, heartwarming realism, self help, or to escape into a page turning adventure? This novel has it all. It's definitely worth reading - an excellent choice!