Linn Frances Biography


The hardest education, and what Linn Frances feels is the most important, is the knowledge gained through the school of life. Desiring to graduate with love in her heart, she wove her way through abuse with the belief that if she kept learning her life would change for the better.

Starting to bring her life to a place where love and respect existed she began pursuing a post secondary education. After graduating from Acting, TV, and Film in College, she started another journey in University which began with majoring in English and minoring in Art. Later she taught children Art and Drama and put on several productions. Going through the trials and tribulations of life she continued working on herself.

Primal Power Productions is about love, acceptance for yourself, and those around you. It is about empowering yourself to find your own path. Linn Frances feels life is not about what other people tell you to believe; instead it is about what speaks to your soul, and what brings you peace and higher awareness.

One day she had a vision while meditating that helped her learn about primal power. After that it became her mission to put something out there that gives power-to others. Her artwork helped her find her way and helped set her on her life path. Her books are a spirit quest fantasy; an inspiring journey into another dimension laced with intriguing characters. These books somehow combine both a mystical world with a practical one as they are seasoned with real life experiences. The reader gets a glimpse of some of Linn Frances' yesterday's world and perhaps get to see their own story from a different point of view as they find themselves intrigued and connected to this adventurous journey into the unknown.

So whoever you are and however you heal on your journey, it is her only hope that you know you are loved, valued, and able find your own power – your strength within.

Thank you for reading this and if you like it, please pay it forward. Thank you for being you!